Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in E-Design.  We have put together the following Benefits, Limitations and Parameters to ensure we set the expectations of this process.  


  • Don’t live nearby for a consult? No problem!  We can accommodate clients who are not local by working virtually with you.
  • You can get a fully designed room at a fraction of the cost!
  • We send you the vision and the design completed and you can then complete it on your own with the guidance of the prescribed plan provided. (example, ordering of items suggested in design, executing the heavy lifting like painting or installs of furniture, drapery, etc.)
  • The service allows you to get a fully designed room in a timely manner (note:  2-3 weeks turnaround from time of payment)
  • Because this is virtual, it can be a real time saver!
  • Here is an example of what you will receive: VISION BOARD, SOURCE LIST & FLOOR PLAN


  • For an E-Design, I cannot style and accessorize your space.
  • No Gallery Walls or Bookshelf styling (this is an add on service for clients who are within my territory as this is an in person consult)
  • You will need to execute design in a timely manner as products or design suggestions can change with inventory and availability (revisions of design are at a cost of $150/hr.)
  • Being computer savvy is a must!  You will need to have knowledge of on-line shopping.  It's not always straight forward and site policies vary by vendor (duties, back-orders, additional taxes, exchange rates, return policies etc.) 
  • Execution of design:  MBD provides as much detail as possible to streamline the process however client may need to refer to the vision board to cross reference style and/or color suggestion (i.e. if the finish of faucet choice is gold, you may need to select this from a drop-down menu, links don’t always capture the selection.)
  • E-Designs are virtual and as a result the design is based on the measurements provided by the client.  Floor plans provided will be done to scale based on those measurements.   MBD cannot be held responsible if those measurements are not accurate.  (Revisions are $150/hr.)


  • MBD will depend on client to provide exact measurements to create a to-scale design.
  • We will work to build the design based on budget provided. No revisions to the budget once the design is complete. ($150/hr. design fee applies to any revisions sent) 
  • Please keep in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for and the quality of an item can be reflected in its price tag, an item purchased at a lower price point will likely be reflected in its quality.  MBD always tries to source with a high-low mix and will work diligently to ensure your design fits the budget.

Michelle Berwick Design loves helping people bring spaces to life and if you have read through this document and you want to proceed please contact us and we can get started!

We thank you for your interest and the opportunity!